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Random Rant is Random

I'll just cut this so that its not taking up so much space on people's Friend's page.

Gender Stereotypes and "roles"Collapse )

Personality Defect Test

LOL! Found a personality quiz that focuses on the negative attributes of your personality. XD

Personality Defect TestCollapse )
I laughed really hard at this....yeah.....its true....XD

My full results (and also a link to take the test yourself-kind of towards the bottom) are here.


Llamas with Hats

Yeah Yeah, I know that a lot of people already know about this but I just found it.....

.....and I don't know whether I should die laughing or be super freaked out. As it was, I sat though this thing with my mouth agape...and grinning. XDD And then I watched all 4 episode the same way!

((warning, it is a little disturbing! XDDD))

My favorite line is from the second episode though.
"That's what forgiveness sounds like! Screaming, and then silence."
XD Watch it!


Dead but Dreaming...



I don't really have anything to say, I'm just doing everything I can to put off going to bed. *sheepish* So I've been playing this video game, and I got to a side quest that was full of tongue in cheek references to Lovecraft and the Necronomicon...at first I thought it was a fun and exciting sort of Easter Egg--I love the Lovecraftian mythology-- and couldn't wait to get to get though the quest. But then there was mention of summoning and Ug-Quagloth and then I ended up at the opening of an underground tunnel, emanating from which was a heavy monsterish and disembodied voice growl-whispering "Aaaaaalhazzzzzzred.......G'yeth....."

(I’ll explain what all that means under the cut. Just know that Ug-Quagloth = a Very Bad Thing, and these whisperings = severe creepiness and illusions to Very Bad Things happening. Bad Things I was NOT prepared for! I thought I was just going after a book all Army of Darkness style!!)

It took me 20 min. to get up the courage to go into the tunnel-I'm not kidding. Using deduction and prior Lovecraftian knowledge, I reasoned that my guns were not going to work on whatever was at the bottom of this tunnel and that I was more than likely going to have to fight whatever was with a melee weapon.

But I'd built my character very intelligent and physically weak.

I used every stat bumping item and power up I had to strengthen my character to somewhere slightly above “push-over” and even switched to this bulky but thick armor I never use because it slows me down too much. I had no idea if this side quest was going to be doable or not; some games make little mini-quests that are nearly imposable to beat just to give you a challenge to obsesses over once you have done everthing else that is actually do able. I was afraid I had stumbled upon one of those.

Well, to make a long story short, nothing was down there but darkness, the creepy voice, a radioactive obelisk and a bunch of cultish zombies--which I quickly took care of. But the obelisk was scary looking and the voice still kept chanting even after everything in the room was dead, so I ran away creeped out but unharmed and over prepaired. It was actually rather anticlimactic.....except that...

...now I'm totally wired and freaked out and Cthulhu is totally gonna eat me in my dreams, and I can’t sleep. O________O
(Shut up! I have a vivid imagination and am easily spooked! =p)

....Why on earth did I think playing this game just before bed was a good idea...

Crash Course in Lovecraft's MythosCollapse )

Lovecraft was a messed up guy...and I find it all so fascinating!..and kind of scary.

The Golden Compass Daemon Test

Shy Friendly Soul

You love to be with big groups of people, but you are very shy. You love to be surrounded by people, while you sit and listen to all the chatter. When you are left on your own you just tend to fade away.

Because you are so shy, you tend to silent and quiet in new social situations. You wish that you knew how to start conversations, or joke with strangers, but you are afraid of saying or doing something stupid that would make everyone laugh at you. When you are with your loved ones, though, you simply blossom. With them you can chatter away and talk about how you really feel. Your favourite kind of social gathering is full of people whom you know and trust, rather than a bunch of strangers who might judge you.

You are much more likely to become visibly upset when a close friend casually says something hurtful than you are from a direct attack from a stranger. You hate confrontations, but with people whom you are close to, you can show your true feelings. People who don't know you well often don't realize how easily your feelings are hurt. You may hide your embarrassment behind jokes and laughter. Your close friends know that your self esteem is actually quite low, and are more careful to tiptoe around your feelings.

Your daemon would represent your shyness around strangers and your love of spending time with your friends and family. He or she would probably hide behind you or in your pocket when you were in strange situations (while whispering encouragement) and become active, happy and talkative when alone with you or when you were surrounded by your friends.

Suggested Forms: White Tailed Deer, Rat.

(Turns out I'm another one of those shy types! XDD I don't know if this really fits Blustreak, Asher! XD Maybe kind of? ^^'')

Vampires Suck

I know this isn't writing related but it made me laugh hard enough that I just had to share! ^____^

Oh my goodness! No matter how many times I watch this, I can't help but BUST with laughter at the Team Edward and Team Jacob girls attacking each other at the end! XDD Shovel!

I will be seeing this movie! Holy cow!

Edit: Well the removed that video for some reason, so here's a different version of the exact same thing. XD

Lamborghinis and White Dwarfs

I know some of you guys follow me for Knight Rider stuff...but I've been more active in the Transformers fandom lately. ^^

I will hide this in a cut so's not to spam you all!

Lets talk Transformers Fanfic for a sec!Collapse )

Edited because I can't spell or just leave things I write alone. XD
I saw District 9 last night with my parents. It was wonderful and very thought provoking!!!

Since it's not even out in some places and has only been out here for 2 days, I'm going to keep this review fairly spoiler free by giving you just my thoughts and impressions.

There was lots of pig, human and alien gore, but after awhile, it got to the point that I was laughing at all the popping human (Yes. Popping). One of my friends started calling it Human Slush Puppies, and I have to say that's a pretty accurate description of what it looked like. There was much camera splattering goodness...XD

I could have done without the sloooow nonviolent gore of the transformation though. Thankfully once the human popping main action started that was kind of forgotten.

"Interspecies prostitution"??? Yikes! Talked about, but not shown (thank GOODNESS!!). I did die laughing, however, when I my mom muttered to herself, "Hummm...now THAT I'd like to see!" when it was mentioned. XD  No, my mom was not interested in alien/human bon-chicka-bow-wow. She meant she wanted to know how such a thing could be physical possible. =p

Also, take a Dramamine if you get motion sickness. It's not all hand-held camera, but the majority of it is.

Umm, I guess the only other thing I have to say is:




No, I'm Not Dead

I'm tired and my back hurts. The only "writing" I've been doing is thank you cards. Now I need to find a job...anyone need an editor/technical writer??? TT_TT
However I did manage to turn the bits I wrote in the last post into an actual poem. I'm not 100% happy with it though, but then I've never really "done" poetry before. I like to read and admire it, not really write it.


Surprise bubbled on his lips,
A splatter of betrayal across
Pristine silence.

A familiar facade
That caught him alone.
All that remains
Are flies.

Vespers~! I got your reply! I will help ya with getting those pics in a bit! ^_^

Now I am off to take a shower and put itch cream on my million mosquito bites....TT_TT



I was thinking about a poem I had read and out of NO WHERE, this popped into my head, and now I don't know what to with it! O_o talk about a surprise baby! I decided to put it here so it doesn’t get forgotten. *really needs to find writing journal*

Surprise bubbled on his lips,
A splatter of betrayal across
The pristine silence.

Such pretty little words
until they caught him alone.